AB Inbev xKTV

AB Inbev xKTV

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KTV is a long-standing leisure choice for the Chinese community. Accordingly, AB InBev developed a user interactive table for karaoke rooms-a decision to keep visitors entertained and drive sales-though the product did not meet commercial and brand benefits since its rollout

Our client solicited for a comprehensive research summary, for the product planning
on the second generation. Whether to relabel and slightly reformulate its current
product, or to propose an all-new product positioning to meet the specific needs of
the market segment. It was essential for us to explore, and discover the user
requirements, to choose the solution that would best result in increased sales of beers,
as well as the best opportunity to enhance the overall brand appeal.

Our market research indicated that we must redefine the value of the product
notpurely for its interactivity, but to enhance the complete user experience of the KTV
user journey. The concept has a great potential to increase sales. It is apparent that
the new product definition has made the brand more consistent with the original
creation promise and served as a product of great user experience. The primary
objective was to examine user requirements and consumer acceptance for this
product concept what is the most important for users in KTV? Through one-on-oneinterviews we were able to understand the minds of consumers and their reasons.
We reassessed the product value of the KTV table for AB InBev-a gadget not limitedto feasible features, but an
interface for the full atmosphere enhancement, making the KTV journey to be more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Overall, the field research allowed us to identify the pain points of different user categories, in order to provide our client specific suggestions
for improvement. The suggested improvements made the product value more persuasive, emphasized the branding more strongly, and connected the consumer more to the brand