Anchor’s E-commerce journey

Anchor is one of the key brands owned by the New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra Group. In the past 125 years, Anchor was committed to product innovation and development while keeping a high quality standard. Meanwhile the brand has grown to a successful global enterprise sold in 70 countries, and is widely recognized in China. Anchor’s range of dairy products are suitable for all age groups reaching from children to adults or elderly. Our client seeks is to meet the whole family’s nutrition demands. In recent years, Anchor has continuously promoted new products in China such as milk powder, ready-to-drink milks, yoghurts, cheeses or butter and whole milk. The taste and popularity of Anchors dairy products is getting gradually more by Chinese consumers.

The rapid development of China’s E-commerce industry offers great opportunities for global brands that cannot be neglected. Online shopping was established only 10 years ago and over that short period, China rose to the biggest E-Commerce market in the world. To start its journey in Chinas E-commerce area, Anchor established a partnership with mediaman to support a range of activities. mediaman’s local expertise of Chinas E-commerce market helped to implement a suitable strategy for our client. The new distribution channel would not only drive sales but also strengthen Anchors brand image and communication significantly.

mediaman helps Anchor to maintain constant brand communication and provides monthly updates on important E-commerce platforms such as Tmall, One shop or Jingdong. In the future mediaman will continue to support a full range of E-commerce activities for Anchor’s products in China.