SUNGROW Shines with New Brand Identity

Global Player in the Solar Industry

Sungrow is a world-class solar technology provider, specializing in PV inverters and energy storage equipment for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV power plant systems. The company operates in over 50 countries in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and South America and has market shares of over 30% in China and over 20% in Germany. As market leader, SUNGROW is committed to motivating even more businesses to adopt “green” electricity in the future and has ambitions to further expand globally.

In order to present its green technology more efficiently, SUNGROW was looking for a more engaging and informative online presence. Having successfully created digital brand identities for famous Chinese brands (such as Haier or Geely) in the past, mediaman was the partner of choice for the creation of a new, responsive internet platform for SUNGROW.

Building a Stronger Visual Identity

One of the main tasks for mediaman was the development of a digital brand identity for SUNGROW, translating its vision of environment-friendly technologies into a uniform visual identity. mediaman’s design team therefore introduced a website style guide setting standards for colors and fonts and creating consistency between product descriptions and imageries. mediaman further helped SUNGROW to present its material in a user-friendly and structured manner: The new platform includes separate information columns introducing the company, explaining its products in detail and announcing power expos and solar summits that SUNGROW participates in. Prospective clients can easily find specific factual information about different PV and storage solutions and download datasheets about each product. References were added, allowing users to explore existing use cases in a real environment. The new platform also invites users to get in touch with SUNGROW via multiple contact options.

Developing Responsive Website Design

As more and more visitors will access the new SUNGROW platform via a mobile device, mediaman developed a fully-responsive website, providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience with easy-to-read text, flexible images and proportion-based grids. In addition, SUNGROW’s new content management system was implemented to administrate the content of the platform.