Flexibility for Haier’s official homepage



In early 2015, mediaman developed Haier’s digital ecosystem strategy as a guideline for the company’s future activities. Based on this strategy, mediaman had the opportunity to relaunch Haier’s official website. Thinking outside the box, mediaman tailored the innovative eco-design method to break the fixed pattern of Haier’s existing homepage. This method opts for flexible design and enhances the UX on any device. Since different business units require different structures, a flexible platform was very important. The core idea is to divide the website into building blocks, which can be modified easily by every business unit as needed.


Currently mediaman made some innovative changes to the homepage, all other elements will be changed in the next months. A grid design for each sector allows flexibility: content and layout building blocks are separated and can be modified by business units and according to users and devices, making the whole website easy to adjust and customize later. mediaman classified fixed content, defined the priority of the content and displaying rules, and aligned the website into modular building blocks. It is now faster and easier for Haier to change, switch, swap or modify content and designs on the whole website. Content and design will also be optimized for PC, tablets and mobiles.


Easy operation and user-friendly management on the platform help Haier to improve conversion rates and reduce operation and maintaining costs.