Hyundai: high speed brand – high speed projects

Hyundai is a rising star among the big automotive companies, and its online communication is equally dynamic. mediaman takes care of Hyundai Germany’s digital marketing activities and projects for Hyundai Europe – from the companies’ website and web specials to their mobile apps and applications for digital services, in collaboration with Hyundai agency Innocean Worldwide.

Hyundai – Web Specials

mediaman develops web specials for all new car models in the German market and some of the European rollouts. Hyundai’s dynamic brand and their fast paced model-cycles require precise workflow with quick reaction times and a technical framework of microsite building blocks. The framework allows for quick project turnaround without sacrificing individual interface design.

Hyundai – Digital Services

In addition to maintaining, mediaman develops digital services for customer interactions and internal processes. The dealership sales app “Confidence Book” premiered in the Frankfurt flagship store at the end of 2014 and has been a great success. The mobile app delivers selling points for each model to salespeople’s mobile devices.

These details give Hyundai salespeople the current, accurate information they need to serve their customers, and the digital version is massively cheaper than its paper based predecessors.

Hyundai – All Inclusive Package

Efficient project work is one element of a successful client-agency relationship. Consistently reliable collaboration is the other. Together with Innocean Worldwide, mediaman’s scalable team delivers all-inclusive services: editing and distributing of newsletters, website maintenance, technical consulting and support for platforms and back office, and guidance in other areas such as dealerships, press, and motor sports.