Hyundai’s Floor Sales Now Mobile

Mobile support for Hyundai dealers: mediaman built a responsive web app for stationary sales.

The intuitive app aides sales employees during their customer conversations by supplying them with current information, visual details of all car features, a way to easily compare different model editions, as well as information explaining the advantages of Hyundai cars vs. competitor models. With the app’s Visualizer, customers can look at different features and color options. Financing data for all models is also part of the list of functionalities.

From consultation to quote: the project turned out to be very effective. The integration of the mobile app into the sales desk has proven to be a true time saver. Data collected during the sales conversation can be used to generate quotes and for continuing the relationship with the customer.

mediaman built the app in modules, so that individual dealer requirements can be considered during rollout. This way, future functionalities can be added with lots of flexibility.