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Fascination Porsche

Digital brand experience
Presenting the Porsche essence in racing, legacy, innovation and style, mediaman customized a Porsche brand roadshow for the Chinese audience. “Fascination Porsche” intricately combines brand spirit and sports car culture, allowing guests to experience the brand’s history, culture, product concepts and features through specially designed interactive activities.

Project Intro

“Fascination Porsche”, a tailored roadshow for Porsche enthusiasts and fans, reached a further expansion this year in China. The event not only shortened the distance between the iconic brand and guests, it also illustrated that Porsche determines to continue introducing the most sensational sport cars, incredible driving experience and premium services to its Chinese market.

In this event, mediaman invites Chinese audience to a journey of Porsche’s past, present and future, offering them the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the iconic sports car through diverse perspectives.

We intricately bound a variety of interactive activities with the vision for every visitors to experience the glorious history of Porsche. For us, it was essential that we connected users and car in an elegant, practical and appropriate way.

Project Story

As part of this brand exhibit, mediaman created all digital applications from virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms to gamification and audiovisual experiences. Our experts gathered a diverse range of experience and skills, and encompassed game design techniques.

Implementing a comprehensive communications design, we presented “Fascination Porsche” through a total of 12 interactive modules. Each module showcasing detailed information, visuals and short videos of the various model series. Our team was able to leverage proven technologies to deliver commercial virtual reality solutions and experiences.

First, with a selection of current models that are also part of the roadshow, visitors can experience the configuration of each model using a VR head gear- ultimately immersing all senses with virtual simulation. Behind every model a view opens to details and a story of the brand.

Further interactivity is promoted via 3D holograms, explaining impressive animations in three-dimensional perspective on Panamera E-Hybrid and Porsche’s concept car, Mission E. In addition, not only visitors test the new Porsche Connect app for themselves that is on exhibit at a specially designed “Connectivity Corner”.

Project Team

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